Method Call

Call and Reply are objects with properties, they are conceptually similar to HTTP headers. The parameters are the payload. Possible local vendor-specific extensions must be nested in an object named after the vendor in reverse-domain notation.


  method: string,
  parameters: ?object,
  oneway: ?bool,
  more: ?bool,
  upgrade: ?bool
Keyword Description
method fully-qualified method name interface.method
parameters input parameters
oneway instructs the server to suppress its reply. The server must adhere to the instruction, to allow clients to associate the next reply to the next call issued without oneway
more requests possible multiple replies to the same call. The server’s more support is optional, if it does not reply with continues, the call will behave like a simple method call and the connection is free to be used for the next method call. If the server replies with continues, the connection will be busy until the server sends the final message to the call by not adding continues. A client which is no longer interested in the replies from the server simply closes the connection
upgrade requests the connection to be taken over by a custom protocol/payload. After the server has replied with a single message confirming the upgrade, the connection is no longer controlled by varlink


  parameters: object,
  continues: ?bool,
  error: ?string
Keyword Description
parameters the output parameters of the reply or the error
continues instructs the client to expect multiple replies. It was requested with more
error the fully-qualified reverse-domain error name and indicates that the method call has failed