Language Bindings

Existing language bindings

How to test new language bindings

Checkout the python varlink git repo:

$ git clone
$ cd python
$ cat tests/org.varlink.certification.varlink

Write a varlink client for org.varlink.certification calling the methods:

Start(), Test01(), Test02(), , Testxx(), End()

The return value of the previous call should be the argument of the next call. See the example clients in python or rust.

Then you test your client against the python varlink certification server:

$ python -m varlink.tests.test_certification --varlink=tcp:

which now listens on

Next you write a varlink server providing the org.varlink.certification service like the python service. Now run your client against it and run well known clients like python or rust from against your server. If all works out, then your new language bindings should be varlink certified.

[<img src="/images/varlink-certified.png" alt="varlink-certified" width="240" height="73">](